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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Furniture Trends for 2012

Contemporary but Modern

One design trend that has been reemerging in the past few years is the look of tufted furniture. Tufted headboards, tufted sofas and tufted armchairs have all made an appearance and will continue to make an appearance for the next few years in interior design magazines, stores, business, websites, features and shows everywhere.

Recently, the reemergence of designs and decorating ideas that are specific to the mid-century modern look have also appeared. Choose tufted sofas that feature these clean lines, as they will blend the best within contemporary or modern interior design styles. Furthermore, clean lines will allow you to use these sofas or chairs for years without having them ever feel out-dated or out-of-place. The tuft is trendy, the lines are classic. This helps make the tufted mid-century pieces somewhat timeless, which is ideal for living room designs or bedroom designs.

Reclaimed Materials

Another popular furniture trend for 2012 will be the continued use of reclaimed materials: metals, glass and wood. Look for pieces made from reclaimed beams, barn wood and even old flooring. Reclaimed materials are versatile because you can make nearly any piece of furniture from them: tables, chairs, headboards, desks, console tables, media stands and so forth.

Glass recycled pieces are also relatively easy to come by and still relatively inexpensive. In interior design, saving money is always a plus and it will allow you to save up for more expensive pieces, like that reclaimed barn wood console table you've been eyeing.

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