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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sofa Design

Sofa sets, a significant furniture piece, serve as beautiful enrichments to the interiors. They are designed in Sofa Setstraditionally or contemporary Indian styles that are truly eye-catching. Intricately carved sofa sets are a major hit among the admirers of exquisite furniture and are a craze in the overseas export market.

They are often adorned with fabrics in elegant prints and finishes with solid wood legs. Being rare and luxurious, the silver stools are true old fashioned and real taste of noble & high status buyers. The sofa sets are perfect for the living rooms, family rooms or offices.

Sofa Sets The sofa sets are available in both contemporary and traditional styles lending a touch of beauty and character to the homes. They are elegantly adorned with intricate carvings and patterns that blend in totally with functionality. The sofa sets are padded with cushions made of different fabric, designed to offer immense comfort while sitting. They are available in a huge range of styles and finish supplemented by appropriate smoothing and polishing.

These elegant furniture pieces can be made of:

* Wood
* Wrought Iron
* Silver


  1. it’s simple and sweet…… Sofas are simply amazing.

  2. Use throw pillows and blankets on furniture to really spice things up with color and pattern. Other way is to pay attention to the wall behind the sofa. It will really determine how much wow factor and contrast your room has just because you can get a big wow factor when you put a neutral color against something very dramatic.

    Good to know.......


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